Equalicense 1.0


Super simple license summary:

You can use images for nearly any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, without attribution.

You cannot sell, redistribute, or relicense the images, and you cannot sell products which derive their primary value from the image.

Expanded license summary:

You can use images, without attribution, in media like:

  • Websites (as long it’s not a website that offers the images for download)

  • Printed items like menus, flyers, packaging, mailers and books (as long as it’s not just a book of photos)

  • Online and offline advertising

  • Social media posts

  • Blogs

  • Presentations

  • Web banners

  • E-books

  • YouTube videos, films, television shows or video games

  • Decor and decoration for your personal home, retail space or office (but not a business selling prints of images as decoration)

  • Educational materials

This is not a complete list - the idea is to help you succeed by providing images you need.

These materials can be for the user's personal use or on behalf of clients paying the user to produce materials. The materials can be for commercial or noncommercial use.

You cannot do things like:

  • Post images for download in collections of free stock images or wallpapers

  • Sell items with images printed on them

  • Sell prints of images

  • Claim ownership, authorship, or copyright of images 

Some additional notes:

It is the end user's responsibility to use images in a lawful way. This license governs the rights of the photographer, and allows the user to acquire the image. But not all images can be used for all purposes, and this license does not affect the rights of persons or companies depicted in the images.

This license does not affect any patent or trademark rights, and does not imply that model or property releases are in place. All brands, logos or product names appearing in any image may be trademarks of their respective owners, and those images should be used only as allowed by law. 

Seems like common sense, yes?

If you need some images to make you, your business, or your client's business look good, go for it. If you need hundreds of images to strip authorship and mass distribute or post to print-on-demand services, these are not the images for you.